Professional Personalized Pest Control
Good Exterminator for Ants and Spiders

Whether you own a home, a business or manage properties, our residential and commercial services can help with your ant and spider  issues. You can count on our expert pest control service.


Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitos can be a threat to human health, especially babies, children, and vulnerable seniors.  With the right treatment, you can enjoy your yard again without the worry of being bitten. Your family will thank you.

Bee and Wasp Treatments

Stinging insects can make it hard to enjoy a day of outdoor activities. Whether at your home or business, our technicians are trained to solve the problem allowing you to enjoy your day.

We offer beehive removal services for homeowners and businesses.  We can use a special process to remove an entire hive and transfer it to a local bee farm. This must be done safely.  We’ve got the tools and processes that make it possible to save the bees.

Termite Control Contract

Our affordable termite services are available to home owners, businesses and property managers.  Our efforts to stop this destructive pest are thorough and effective. Let us prevent termites from damaging your property.

You can have the piece of mind your home will be protected from termites. Ask about our inspection services and warranty agreements.

Flea and Tick Exterminator

When your home is overrun with fleas and ticks, life goes from good to bad very quickly for you and your pets.  We can treat your house and yard, eliminating the pest quickly and efficiently.

Professional Bird Removal

From factories to shopping centers and homes or residences to office buildings, birds can be a major problem. Our team employs many methods to exclude birds and keep them away.

Bed Bug Treatment

Let us provide the fumigation services needed to eliminate bedbugs from your beds, sofas, carpets and other areas bed bugs reside.  In your home, our treatment takes care of the problem faster than over-the-counter sprays. With a combination of the right chemicals and our know-how, bed bugs will no longer be a nightmare, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep. We also offer a heat treatment.

Critter Control

Squirrels, raccoons and opossum can be destructive to wood, drywall, and electric lines. They leave waste, urine and feces, all of which are a danger to human health.  Rats and mice are especially invasive. Moles can ruin lawns and snakes are not for the faint of heart. All these critters and other wildlife nuisances can be brought under control when you call Carter Pest Control.  Our team will work quickly to solve the problem. We have extensive experience in critter exclusion, keeping rodents and other critters out of your home or business.